Silver Spoon Ristorante

Food Is Made On Order

Silver Spoon Ristorante is an Authentic Italian restaurant offering a sumptuous spread of Italian cuisine. We offer a wide range of Italian dishes, including various meats. Our menu includes pasta, bread, salads, Seafood, and much more. All our sauces and salads are made using fresh and high-quality ingredients. Food is always made on order.


Antipasti Freddi (Cold Appetizers)


La Pasta Fresca (Freshly Made Pasta)


Carne (Red Meat)

  • Filetto Di Manzo Alla Griglia

    grilled filet mignon, grilled vegetables

  • Tagliata Di Manzo

    sautéed ny strip, fresh herbs, garlic, red pepper flakes, arugula

  • Costolette D’agnello Scottadito

    grilled lamb chops, balsamic reduction

Carne Bianca (White Meat)

Pesce (Fish)


Insalate (Salads)

Contorni (Sides)